I'm getting married

You should come to Scarborough.
Congratulations Jon! I hope everything goes well for you from now until forever. If I buy you some wooden spoons you better promise me you'll put them to good use and buy a tub of ice cream or something.

I'm not quite sure who you're targeting with this post (Since there are only a handful of people actually near Scarborough, but I'm over in York now and depending on my schedule I might be able to drive down for a drink or two (or three or four or five).

Also, you have an error on your 404 page!
Great news. If I had the ability, I would definitely come.
Ace Jon said:
I'm getting married.

Man, time sure flies.
Holy shit grats dude!

If it wasn't so expensive and time consuming to visit I'd actually consider going. I hope everything goes well for you moving forward man.
Congrats yo
Woah, man. Congratulations.
Thanks y'all.

I was serious about this:
Ace Jon said:
You should come to Scarborough.

If any of you find it convenient, you're more than welcome to come to the ceremony.
Ace Jon said:
Come to England.

They wouldn't let me in even if I wanted to go, son.
Congratulations, that's fantastic. I won't be in the UK at that time, but I hope it is great.