Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Anyone still play? I pick it up every now and then but there aren't really many people in my friends who still play is (two) anyone in EU still play or up for some games? I wouldn't say I was bad at the game but if you have some experience playing it the games could turn out okay.
I re-bought it second-hand a few days ago. I was never exactly competitive (inb4 impossible to be competitive on Brawl) but I still had some fairly balanced (inb4 impossible to be balanced on Brawl) against some players who were apparently good (inb4 impossible to be good at Brawl).
Hopefully gonna get some of my friends to play with me! Either way, my internet's too bad to be able to play games online right now...
impossible to play brawl online even with good internet.
They also apparently add 2 frames of delay for no reason to every single one of your moves, which adds to the already terrible online delay. The people behind project m found that out and fixed it ( Online should be fine though for just messing around.
I don't know where my Brawl copy ran off to but Project M looks realllly good. Looks like it addressed all the problems I had with Brawl.
I stopped playing brawl awhile back, back when everyone in my high school stopped.
this might save brawl for me on the wiiu

cant use classic controller at all for this game.
I guess I still play. I still have my limited edition copy also Tongue
I should be free from today until Sunday so hit me up with a friend code and maybe we could arrange something.
Project M is great, you can play as almost anyone with those additional skins. It blows other peoples minds.

We've been playing some 4-player melee a lot lately and it gets pretty heated.
I must be the only person to think that this is a better title than Melee.
Everyone prefer's Melee over this because it's more "fast-paced." Brawl was intentionally made slower so that people couldn't abuse the combat system like they did in Melee with characters like Marth. Brawl was made in a way where you were forced to play the game the way it was meant to be played.
Much better than Melee in my honest opinion

I play Brawl whenever my little cousin comes over. My brother, him, and me play team battle. I'm a Wario user and I'm pretty good.