Pokémon X&Y headed to the 3DS discussion
Looks interesting, might be cool. I'll probably end up picking it up, myself.
Mahtari said:
The graphics looked a lot like FFIII on the DS.

This is exactly what I was saying to a friend of mine about the characters in the game. The fact that there's gonna be a worldwide release for this game makes me much more excited.
This is pretty much my reaction as well--->

I'm surprised people are still into Pokemon. I lost interest once I played D/P. The monster designs just didn't feel like Pokemon anymore. They felt like Digimon concept-art rejects. Also, I feel like GameFreak doesn't care about their fans. They don't care about their long time fans that have been with them since the Red/Blue days. They just want to cash in on the newer generation of kids and act as if we don't exist. That's just business I guess.

It's not only that because I feel like the Pokemon games are wasted potential. Why is the series still flooded with the same storyline of the 8 badges/Elite 4? It doesn't take half a moron to think of a new storyline.
How about this time we play as a gym leader, instead of a rookie trainer. We find out that Team Rocket or whoever has stolen our most precious Pokemon, and we have to go through an emotional character driven story on getting that Pokemon back. At the end we find out that they have turned that "precious" Pokemon into an evil one by capturing it with a "Dark Ball" or something. And you have to find a way to bring it back to it's original mental state. That gives the player more incentive to play the game because it's an emotionally engaging experience. That was just from the top of my head, I'm sure there are better ideas out there.

But seriously, I'm positive that I'm not the only one getting bored of the same storyline over and over. It's a fact that each Pokemon sequel after Pokemon Crystal has sold less and less copies than it's predecessor.