Mario Kart 7
I don't think I've played this with any of you guys yet, so does anyone want to play?
I'd be up for a couple matches.
Is this worth getting? I like Mario Kart, but I wasn't sure about it. How does it compare to MKDS?
To me it plays like a better MKWii. MKDS is a different game entirely, what with the ability to snake and all. If you like to snake, MKDS might make for more exiting matches, but if you don't, you'll probably enjoy MK7 more.
Yeah, it's like a portable MKWii 2. Slightly less floaty too, and the graphics are obviously very pleasing, what with the 3D, which lends itself to racing games.
It's a lot better than MKWii in my opinion. It's a bit easier because they slightly nerfed blue shells. I didn't have many problems 3-starring everything.

Anyway, Shadowstar, I've added your friend code.
Mario Kart 7 is one of my top games. Extremely polished, always fun, and everyone can get into it. A leap above MKDS, which is impressive.
Played a few games with you online, Jedden. Good stuff. Glad to see we steamrolled everyone else, for the most part. Tongue
Indeed it was quite fun. You came in first for the most part but I feel we were almost equally matched. Having some competition is awesome
Indeed. I play quite frequently at my school with several of my friends, but I always feel like I'm playing Time Trials with the occasional blue shell. It's nice to get a challenge.
Mario Kart 7 was good, but I really didn't get into it after beating mirror cup.
You can add me too.

The unlockable characters are kind of weird choices in my opinion, but then again I just use the regulars anyway.
Added ya, Wolfy. Looking forward to some matches in the future.
I've added you as well, Wolfy.
Was messing around with the communities thingy a bit and made a Witendofi community.
The community code is 37-5122-5808-4302

It would be cool if more Witendofites play and there'd always be the possibility to play with each other through that.