Fellow Civilization Players
Anyone else here play Civ? Any of the versions, really, they're all pretty fantastic. If we can get enough people, maybe it'd be fun to have a WTF Civ competition.

Oh, and if you have the Gods & Kings expansion, that would be grand.
I do, ace does. I don't have the expansion, though.
Yeeeaaah I have V:G&K

I really don't like standard multiplayer though because all the humans have their turn at the same time and if you're in a battle with another human, whoever has the best connection wins. My friends and I were really disappointed by that. I'd play by email though (or whatever the modern phrase for that is).
I think it's called TbTToIP "Turn by Turn Text over IP" gameplay.

I've got V installed and like it a fair bit. I've only played single player before and I'm not even good at that.
I have it, but i suck and have never won a game, on any dificulty. I havent tried often, it consumes me.
I played the 5th one on the 360.