Elder Scrolls: Online
Elder Scrolls: Online

Beta sign-up has started, anyone planning on playing this during or after beta? I'm totally going to at least try to like it, given that it's still an MMORPG, and I've been a bit wary since WoW. I don't need more tedium and monotony with constant grinding and mashing hotbars to win a fake medal.

Still, it claims it's going to be more like traditional TES games, except now it's with friends online. All-in-one megaserver, 3 different alliances all vying for control over the central region - The Imperial City. I hope they can deliver; I'd really like an online, persistent, open world Elder Scrolls game that uses all of Tamriel. Even if I end up playing solo, I'd like to explore all of Tamriel instead of only a fraction of it. The triple alliance war over the capital city sounds like it could be interesting, and the fact that the game should play more like that of the previous iterations of TES games, makes this an interesting title, in my opinion.

What do you guys think?
An Elder Scrolls game I can't mod to high hell in order to cover up how bad it is? Pass.
That is true, I will definitely miss the mods. I had about 20GBs of custom content in my Oblivion data directory, and I don't even want to know what's in my Skyrim directory, what with all the HD textures, custom HiRes meshes and all that...

But, at the same time, I hope that I won't need mods to fix issues. I hope they can fix the problems that will no doubt arise through this game's lifespan. Maybe I'm asking too much of BethesdaMax...
As far as I can tell, they're taking the usual concept of combat from the TES games (that is, left-click = attack with main weapon, right-click = block/attack) and adding.. hotkeys (for spells) and targeting.
Why. Why do MMOs insist on using hotkeys and targeting. Why not have directional spells which you need to aim, conal things which affect an area in front of you, things which affect an area around you, around a targeted area - MMO combat could be so, so much better in technicality and feel but absolutely no one is even trying to get away from "click this bad guy, then click this button, and then the damage will be absorbed into this bar and have absolutely no affect on the bad guy until the bar is empty" and it's stupid.

Pretty sure it'll flop just like every other hyped up, poor MMO attempt has.
Which truly is a shame, if that's the direction they're going to end up going. I'm saddened to hear the possibility that they're more or less merging the single player hack-and-slash style of TES combat, and adding in the bad parts of MMO combat systems. Who knows, maybe after the beta TES players will be upset and make them change it?

I want this game to succeed. I've been a fan of TES games since Morrowind, and I'd hate to see an official online attempt fail, as I'm sure many of their users are in the same boat as myself. What I don't want is another clicking grindfest like every other WoW clone.

Oh well, I'll play the beta (if I get in) and see how the game plays. Who knows, it may not be so bad after all, but I'm not going to pay a cent towards it if it's not what I want in an online RPG experience.
If I get accepted for the beta, I will be sure to break everything that can be broken. I will exploit every issue in the game. Sleep will no longer be an option.
Greg said:

The only reason people play their games is because of their amazing environments full of exploration and freedom and shit.

I can hardly think of other titles without that much freedom in a 3D environment (but that's just me), which may be why some people turn to Bethesda, but I can agree that their buggy releases can sure as hell piss some people off, especially when there's some serious issues that haven't been caught. Though I can't really approve too much of the new lore they added in Fallout. I sure was glad to know Obsidian was behind New Vegas, which deepened the RPG elements and factors while even bringing back some classic Fallout features and characters.

As for the Elder Scrolls series, I can't say anything. Never played them, don't plan to.
The huge world really doesn't make up for the buggy engine, terrible combat, uninteresting characters and a lifeless world. The world may be huge, but there's not much to it. It's just...big.

Thankfully you can mod the PC releases to an incredible extent which helps alleviate the problems, somewhat, but it's really not fair to say the games are suddenly good because you can use third party mods to make them good. That, and there's no mod which makes the combat actually fun instead of 'left click to flail'.

I really can't agree with several of Bethesda's design decisions in regards to Oblivion, Fallout 3 or Skyrim, and this MMO isn't shaping up to be anything more than generic. F2P in a month, max, and thats where it might make some money.

As for Sliker, like many modern MMO conventions, you can thank WoW for that. It's still by and far the most popular MMO in the world, and as a result everyone that wants in on that huge playerbase tries to emulate it. It's not any different than the "We want the Call of Duty audience" you see these days.