Playstation 4
Thoughts? I thought the conference was pretty terrible. The Wii U isn't perfect, and the graphics are already going to be behind, but at least it's a little different and not as gimmicky as the Wii.
I'll just stick with PC.
Yeah I'll stick with Nintendo exclusives and PC graphics.

Also where was this guy?
Will probably get it. Though not at launch if it's 500-600€ again. It will also depend on the launch games.
abridged announcement
The abridged version is a good digest of what happened. Honestly, the only really cool thing they mentioned was the ability to stream games and take over other people's games. Other than that it was a fairly lackluster conference.
I'll probably get a PS4 because...well just fuck xbox. And Bungie's project Destiny is supported on Playstation.

However, there's a ton of ps3 games I'd like to get at, and I dont own a PS3. The fact that PS4 will not be backwards compatible is a huge issue to my purchase decision.
I haven't been keeping track, but I don't like the "no used games" thing that supposedly both Microsoft and Sony are doing.
Could have sworn they said used games would work.
They said it is up to publishers, and that they would currently not be talking about it.

So basically, no used games from EA.
Mahtari said:
I'll just stick with PC.

That, my old-skool systems, and my PS3.
I'll get it for Quantic Dream's game for it. And like, FFXV.
I'm going to purchase a PS4 for sure in terms of next gen.
I'll get it once the system has been out for a few years, that'll give it time to bring out a good catalog of games to choose from.
I feel like Sony has already won next gen because the Wii isn't really something people are dying for. It hasn't been doing well in terms of sales. And don't even get me started on the NextXbox. Apparently it is rumored to not play used games at all. And you cannot use it unless you are ALWAYS online, even if you're playing a singleplayer game. Absolutely ridiculous.

On the other hand, it seems like Sony is doing everything right for this upcoming generation. And the new controller looks beast