I almost didn't make a topic for this, but I really can't wait for this to be released. Summers just started for me so I will have plenty of time to play this.

I was wondering if anyone else pre-ordered this for PC and wanted to race on release day or later, all 3 rewards have been unlocked which is great also Smile

Also, the news divs on the home page stack under each other? Might be just me.
I see it too.
Never been a fan of racing games. Not my thing.
I actually have a friend who works at codemasters and did some stuff for this game (nothing important just online intergration stuff).
For me, the best thing about GRID was that is wasn't as realistic as Gran Turismo or other games. You'll still have to take corners carefully to avoid spinning, but there's a lot of stuff you don't have to worry about with several assists you can get. It's like Mario Kart, except without items and speed boosts.

GRID 2 however won't have these assists, it's aiming to be a lot more realistic I suppose. After playing GRID and F1 I'm up for the challenge, but not to the point where you literally have to keep a perfect racing line to finish first.