Animal Crossing: New Leaf error code fun!
So is anybody else getting the 018-0512 (or the 018-0511) error codes when trying to connect to other towns? I'm getting this error code on every person that has their gates open.

Nintendo finally updated the error code pages to what I figured it might have been, but I still can't get it to work.
I have only gotten it twice. Both times were in succession trying to connect to someone's town that I knew from ABXY, when there were 2 people in his town. Couple of minutes later, when it was only him I got in without a problem.
I ALWAYS have to put my gaming devices in a DMZ because my router is a piece of shit. It does work perfectly though if it's in it. Only shame is I can only put 1 device in there at a time.
I get this error consistently. Not motivated to try and fix it because I won't be using this wi-fi for all of summer after Thursday.