I made an MC server!
Lately I've been planning to slowly build a set of servers in various games. I'm starting off with Minecraft as I feel like that's a great starting point. My first can currently hold 23 players and runs smoothly most of time. There isn't much to it yet, but I've already made a bunch of friends off of it. Anyways, here's the IP:


Do you guys have any tips for beginners? I'm very new to this. Tongue
*sighs* Curse you, Animal Crossing.
Been wanting to play for a while but my laptop has trouble (read: overheats and shuts off) when I try and play. I'd definitely build a monument or two if I could.
Ruffigan said:
I'm a struggling student, my Big Buck$ go towards food and gas and rent; the laptop is more of a necessity.
ohai I heard OCW Minecraft.

Yes, Greg is right, you'll get a bunch of 11 year olds and it's kinda annoying to maintain. However, it's hilarious to mess around with people as a server admin. Get Bukkit, download some plugins, kill people with lightning and have a good time.

Also once Cube World's servers have settled down, download and host that too. I'll be hosting Terraria 1.2 and Cube World when possible.
Messing with the 11 year olds, is the best part.
Greg said:

You're playing checkers, kid.