How much do you think AC:NL is worth?
Most of you have had the game for just over a month now, and I was actually thinking about buying it until I saw the £35 price tag in GAME.

Considering the changes in the game to the previous; graphics, extra features, more items:

How much would you have paid for it?

Do you think what you paid for it was worth it?

Is there a lot more new stuff to do, both in multiplayer and singleplayer? From a gameplay video I watched, he showed his house which looked the same as AC:WW, you could place objects and upgrade your house but I am aware that you can place buildings in your town where ever you want but that alone doesn't seem worth the money.

I do have a job, but right now I'm using it to pay off my debts caused by University and limiting my spending money, but I really would like a new 3DS game (It's actually starting to collect dust).
Oh wow that's like $53 here. Gasp

It's worth it for $35 (£23). I'm been playing it for over 60 hours I think. One of the biggest things that keep the game relevant are the Public Works Projects. There's 30 of them. They can range from a police station to a cafe to a campsite.

The one change that I think isn't really interesting is the diving aspect. They could have done without it.

I never got WW (only CF) so playing a portable version has been really fun.

I would get it. Will keep you busy for quite some time if you like to collect stuff.
I paid $35, and I say that is worth the price, I don't have much to contribute other than what loldsfan said. No matter how busy I am, I play my ds even for a little while every day because of Animal Crossing.