DeadI's Land [PC]

Does anyone else have this paradisical zombie simulator? I got it for Christmas (thanks Nin) and it seems co-op is a big feature. Anyone want to play?

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I really wanna get this, it looks very fun. How are you liking it?

Btw, thanks for that, I fixed the image thing.
I've only played about 10 minutes... it seems to hold up, but really I need more time with it.
I bought that game recently. I promised greg that I'd play with him though, and I'm not sure how well you two get along. Anyways multiplayer can save a mediocore single player game, so if it doesn't hold up in the end in single player, maybe multiplayer is worth it.
Greg and I are bezzies.
I have it Ace. I haven't touched it and wouldn't mind playing it soon-ish. Add me, TechnozPro.
Have it, it's collecting dust in my Steam Inventory.
What's the difference between this and Left 4 Dead?
Daniel said:
What's the difference between this and Left 4 Dead?

It's basically zombie Borderlands, but more focused on melee combat.
I've been playing it by myself and I can honestly say it's very frustrating. It definitely seems like it was based around co-op. Having a group to play with would make the game much more enjoyable.
Co-op makes almost any game better. Even Resident Evil 5 on the PC was fun in co-op. And that was a terrible port. I had some of my best times on that.
I have it and I've beaten it twice. You can play with mods online with those who don't (like the "fist of the North Star" mod).

It's a good game but its unpolished as hell.
Damn straight about the unpolished. The car glitches alone are insane. Me and some friends had so many car shenanigans, including one where we played limbo under a car that got stuck in a pole. I recorded it all, and it was glorious.
Metroid109 said:

So an irl friend picked it up recently, is playing it singleplayer, and now considers it an all-time favorite. I'm going to have to have a stern discussion with him, I think.
Some people just have crap taste in videogames.

Anyways, I have this game and didn't realize it. If anyone is still playing this and doesn't mind a level 0, I'll play.