Hoenn Confirmed 2014

That is all
I'm going to offer my input to thread which is more than a video of gif:

Honestly, I've never found the remakes to be as enjoyable as their originals, I can't speak for Gold/ Silver but I didn't particularly like there remakes either. Fire Red and Leaf Green are definitely at the top though because of all the new areas and such - but also maybe because I was young and I was the target audience back then...

Not a big fan of mega evolutions, but I don't mind them, there's probably going to be a fuck ton of them though with the new game. I really hope they add some new content, new placed to explore, a hidden story line that makes sense with the old story that you only discover in this game. I want more on the mirage island, and all the other hidden places. Also, will you ever get something special for 100 rocket launches?

Don't think I'll buy it, X and Y was a big thing, I liked it I guess - maybe we can wait for the Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf green remakes next huh?

Honestly, it's going to be WAY over hyped and disappointing, spend your money on Smash Bros. 3DS Smile
I unfortunately will probably be spending my time playing Smash Bros 3DS when this comes out. Though I will eventually get Alpha Sapphire, cause I really did like the 3rd gen games, and have been waiting to see a remake for awhile now.
Daniel said:
Blah, blah, blah, opinions, lel u gettin hype but will b disappoint. Spend your money on Smash Bros. 3DS Smile

Implying I can't just buy both, along with the $300 SSB4 Machine. Gen III best gen. Can't disappoint me if I am already at rock bottom. Greg is an ass-wrench. I enjoy the presence of the Mudkips.