Paper Mario: Sticker Star [3DS]
Does anyone have it? The Paper Mario franchise is such a mixed bag, I don't know whether to get it or not. What impressed or disappointed you? Is it as good as the N64 one? Is it as awful as the Wii one? The reviews are mixed.
From what I've asked people, if you're looking to buy it because you like Paper Mario, don't. You most likely already know that Sticker Star doesn't have an overworld, but apparently Bowser doesn't talk either. Its probably a good game on its own two feet though once you ignore the "Paper Mario" part of the title.
I got it and was very disappointed. Been a big Paper Mario fan in the past and I hate that they made the battle system sticker-based and that they stripped out the RPG elements. Has great music and the visuals are great, though. If I walk around the environments I can pretend that it's a real Paper Mario game :'(
Will avoid! Thanks guys.
I can say likewise. It's visually pretty and sounds fantastic, but the flawed battle system leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It's a bad mixture between luck and skill that doesn't really make any sense at all and feels like it's actually been stripped of its elements rather than built from the ground up.

Like, sometimes you've run out of "jump" stickers to attack flying enemies because any other sticker won't work, and you end up using those overpowered stickers that you actually need to progress (in the overworld) but then end up having to backtrack to find those again. You can usually run from battles and save your stickers, which pretty much negates battles entirely since there's literally no reward for winning.
Andrio said:
You can usually run from battles and save your stickers, which pretty much negates battles entirely since there's literally no reward for winning.

Thiiiiiis. There's no point to the random battles! They're a waste of time.

I don't really like Sticker Star. I love the music, but as a Paper Mario game, it's not good. The funny writing is gone and the RPG aspect is gone, two of the things that made Thousand Year Door great. I was really disappointed. :<
Definitely probably the worst Paper Mario game. Again like already mentioned, the music and visuals are fantastic! However, as a whole it just lost it's touch entirely with the franchise. I'm happy it's back to turned based, though the RPG elements and the point of random battles are useless because you get nothing from them! I do have to disagree with one thing though: there is SOME funny writing like the previous titles however nothing like they used to be. You can definitely tell Nintendo purposely avoided making a serious story all together and only focused hardly on the gameplay. Last thing that annoyed me though was the boss battles, as they can seem extremely difficult, or the easiest battles in the game, depending on if you know what stickers to use. I really just want another game like Thousand Years Door!

It's just not the Paper Mario that I used to know...oh no I just came up with another Gotye parody.
RedLink said:
oh no I just came up with another Gotye parody.

But you didn't have to cut me... off..
Because he's... paper..

Also from what I've gathered, most people have a love-hate relationship with this game. Everyone is waiting for the REAL Paper Mario 3.
Yep. N64: yeaaah! GC: yeah! Wii: What?! NO! 3DS: Seriously?
Well, back to the drawing board.
I'll admit, I kinda liked Super Paper Mario, even though the original two were much better. I just had to pretend it didn't have Paper Mario in the title. This new one seems to be much worse though.
Miyamoto specifically told the development team to not have a strong story and less RPG elements.
I was hoping Paper Mario would be that RPG series that I'd be able to actually play. After The Thousand Year Door, I thought it could be it. But nope, guess not anymore. RPGs definitely not my thing.

Inb4 Borderlands 2; it barely counts as one.
I bought it expecting to be disappointed and was... surprised. Yeah, it's no Paper Mario game but the music awesome, it's got a lot of charm... I dunno, I like it. It's a fun little Mario game.
I downloaded it from the eShop and got the Original Donkey Kong virtual console game Kiki

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is fun, but I was upset that the leveling up system was removed and fighting enemies is pretty pointless.
Paper Mario was one of my favorite N64 games so I had high hopes for the 3DS installment. Anyway, I don't own a 3DS and I'm not going to get one until either they completely redesign the thing to have two sticks or Nintendo stops producing for it altogether.

Although I heard only a handful of 3DS games actually put the second control stick peripheral to use.
Yeah, you're not missing out of you don't have the second stick thing. I don't, and I have all the good games for 3DS.
Pretty bad. I got past the first world and was bored. Doesn't feel like there's a point in progressing IMO. And the battles are horrible.