Does anybody else feel like Nintendo are running out of ideas?
The problem with new Nintendo IPs is that nobody actually wants them. Why did you buy that Nintendo machine? Oh, to play the latest Mario Kart/Zelda/Advance Wars/Metroid etc...
...I wouldn't mind if Nintendo came out with a new Advance Wars...

And that is why Nintendo still do well.
Keep coming back, Nintendo knows what you really want. Hey look, Animal Crossing's out soon...
I think they could tone down the Mario juuuuuuust a tad, though. I mean, I love Mario as much as the next person, but the only title I've actually enjoyed recently was 3D Land. Meanwhile, I've loved every Zelda game I've ever played, or at least enjoyed them enough to complete them. I understand it's their biggest IP (depending on if the monster that is Pokemon continues to grow or not, that may not be true for long, though), but dayum son, tone that shit down.
There are so many underutilized franchises it's a little bit frustrating. Still, I'll keep buying whatever they put out, most likely.
I think that when Animal Crossing NL comes out, Witendofi will have to have another party. Definitely need to have our game rooms ready by then.
Rhythm Heaven, y'all. And Black 2 feels like the first pokemon game with any heart since Gen3
When I first got my PS3 when I was in 10th grade and started playing games from developers outside of Nintendo's first and second party developers, then my eyes were open to the full view of the gaming world. I realized what A level games were when I played titles like:
CoD (at the time)
inFamous etc.
I was more impressed with those titles than any Nintendo title I've ever played. Now definitely can't go back thanks to the PS4's reveal.