Favorite Game of 2012

FEZ takes the cake.
Now that I think about it, I've played hardly any 2012 games. I would say I really liked Rock Band Blitz (it helps to have a huge library) and Fez.

I played many more older games though. Mother 3 was probably the best.
Really, the only games I've liked that were out this year were Borderlands 2, Pokémon BW2, and Nintendoland... Since BW2 is basically just a remix of BW, I guess I'll say Nintendoland, but it's been a bit of a meh year tbh.
Ace Jon said:
sb057, you watch cr1tikal?

He's a funny guy.
My game of 2012 would have to be Halo 4 if I can't pick Final Fantasy 6.
I just got several new games on Steam but haven't found the time to try them yet.
Mark of the Ninja comes to mind fairly quickly. Basically when I was playing, I decided I'd save the pacifist playthrough for a 2nd time around, and I loved the game enough to do it immediately after beating the game once (and it's a decent length game, too). With most games I'd wait a long while before picking it up again.

Natural Selection 2 and Planetside 2 rank pretty high as well, but I wouldn't say they're the best since liking them is a situational thing. If your commander in NS2 is awful, you won't have fun, and in PS2, if you don't at least find a large group of people to fight with (preferably you get into an Outfit and organize ops with them), you will probably hate the game. Also, the PC that can run it maxed out doesn't exist yet, so there's that to worry about.

There are some others, like Orcs Must Die 2, Dishonored, Torchlight 2, etc., that I own but haven't been able to play much/at all, but those are supposed to be pretty great, so give those a shot if you haven't.

Best game that came out this year, for me, was bw2. I didn't buy many games this year, let alone new ones.
I don't play newer games that often, but Planetside 2 would definitely be on my list of favorites this year.