Peter Molyneux's new game: Godus

So I'm probably behind the curve, but I just found out about Peter Molyneux (Black and White, Fable 1/2 creator) making a new game and actually starting his own company for game development.

It's called Godus and it's a new game in the god genre:

It looks like the kickstarter he had for it was successful and the game itself looks really interesting to me. Did you guys all know about this? Are any of you backers?
Looks like another civilization game, to me.
I'm afraid of backing Molyneux after what happened with Fable 2 and 3, as well as Black & White 2. We'll see.
It's gonna be mediocre and everyone will forget about it in 3 months.
horriblePencilist has it. Heard about this when it was news, didn't back it then either.
Did they ever get to the center of the Curiosity block?
it's still going. wouldn't be a very good money grab if it only lasted a month or two now, would it

also: hoping Godus isn't too disappointing, but it probably will be. Maybe he can go back to making good games.
I, too, was burned by the Fable games, my friend, but it honestly seems like he's taking a different approach now. This game really isn't promising anything, it's sort of a "well this is what we have now and we'll keep you updated"-type thing, which I really like.