Your Greatest Moments in Gaming
Did you just go MLG and get 600 kills in a row?

Did you just hop through a level without even getting touched?

Are you seriously trying to convince me that you beat the game under an hour?

What are some of your best moments in gaming?

Left 4 Dead 2 - I was playing Realism Expert with just one friend. He died and I ended up just beating the level by myself.

My 2nd tournament for Mortal Kombat 9. I was fighting a guy who was pretty well known, and I ended up beating him. The crowd behind me playing was a bit crazy and it made the experience quite unforgettable.
I, for the first time ever got 100% on the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, a little bit before Christmas.
This one time i watched a jeep with two guys in slide into a river in far cry 3. then a few seconds later two corpses bobbed up to the surface. That was pretty great.

I don't think anything can really compare to 100%ing Ready Steady Go! on cheerleader mode though.

I put this in the live stream thread, but I feel it deserves a repost.
Probably my first pentakill in league. The fact that I was playing teemo and laughing at the entire enemy team was a plus. Also, as a kid, my older brother could never beat Air man in megaman. I was 4 years old, and I was watching him struggle . So I tried for the first time, and I beat airman! Needless to say I was treated like a gaming god for a week.
- Completing F-Zero GX . That game is crazy hard.
-That time in Team Fortress 2 where I bonesawed three enemies and captured the final point on my own
- Coming 10th in a worldwide Tony Hawk's American Sk8land tournament and winning PRIZES (there were only about 100 people who played regularly in total...)
- Coming in top 100 in Birmingham Pokémon tournament (out of ~500) and top 32 in Hawaii Pokémon tournament (out of ~100). I've improved a lot since then, so I'm kind of dreading this year's Nationals, since I would actually be disappointed if I do badly...
102% completion on Burnout Paradise.
-Beating Event 51 in Melee
-Reaching Tier 3 in Spiral Knights
-Winning the WiTendoFi Star Fox Command tourney
Winning a single match of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 at EVO 2012 was pretty satisfying.
Ninny said:
-Reaching Tier 3 in Spiral Knights


Also, the first time I beat Jelly King. That was intense.

Beating X7 in Trauma Center: Under the Knife after dying a billion times. That glorious feeling of sheer success.

That time I accidentally bumped into a Sky Temple key in Metroid Prime 2 and successfully collected it has to be one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, moment of any video game I've ever played. It was on my first playthrough and at first I was entirely clueless about it's meaning and purpose. Considering the fact that it was hidden in an invisibility pod and the way it hovered in the air and hummed softly, I simply understood there and then that I had discovered something grand. Truly a legendary moment.
-Beat Castlevania on NES
-Beat I Wanna Be The Guy on Hard
-Platinumed a PS3 game in 3.5 hours
-Won a Dustbowl match in TF2 by getting behind Red team with scout while they were spawn camping.
-Beat Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow at level 7

Lots more, but I'll end it there. Grin