Anarchy Reigns/Max Anarchy

Spiritual successor to Madworld, it features Jack, Black(er) Baron, Big Bull, Rin-Rin (And her sisters), and Mathilda.

Bayonetta is also in but she is pre-order/timed release DLC.
There's also some original characters but they aren't important since you can play as a man with GIGANTIC FLAMING EAGLE BRACERS.

It plays like Power Stone with larger maps, a non-fixed camera angle, and a lot more crazy stuff happening that changes your experience in every fight.

This can change in many ways, like a squadron of jets bombing the entire map to solar microwaves scorching the surface of the area and needing to retreat to the underground, to having NPCs come in with vehicles to kill everyone or giant robots kicking everyone's ass and you needing to team up with the other team to take it down and finish your match proper.
Here's a video with most of the character's personal trailers and some gameplay in all of them.

Its also only $30.
My friend imported this and loved it. As for myself, no interest. Heard it did pretty terribly, though.
Part of the reason why its $30 and not being advertised is because of how bad it did.
Had this preordered since June 2011. Shipped a couple days ago! Should arrive some time next week! Woo woo woo
I would like to play, but too late for Bayonetta, so I'll just wait until that becomes paid DLC.
So I have this on 360 right now, was trying to rent it on PS3 but I missed the first wave so I gotta wait a big before I get that.

Anyone else got it?