Nvidia's Project Shield
Runs stock Android. Plays Android games. Can stream games from your PC through Steam. Your thoughts?


We'll see how it pans out. While playing my Steam games on the go sounds cool and all, if this thing is too pricy I can see it being DOA.

And I'll be honest, the idea of playing my Steam games mobile is the only thing that interests me about this device. Being able to play terrible mobile games is something my phone can already do without having to lug around this thing.
Eh I like it for the controller. My only complaint about playing emulators on my phone is the touch screen not providing any feedback.
Only reason I keep coming up for buying a Nexus 7 is to play games I can't play on my phone, so this is actually pretty damn interesting to me. Especially the Steam part. Hopefully it's not over $250 by the time it releases, but with Tegra 4 inside, who knows.
That's the reason I bought my Nexus 10, to move the games that took up too much space on my phone, that didn't play well on it, etc. to my tablet. I'd like to play steam games on a mobile device, but if it means buying an entirely new device, I'll have to skip out. If I can connect the controller portion to my tablet via micro USB, then I'll be fine.
It's got to be more than $400 at first. Nvidia won't be profiting from game sale licenses like console makers do so they'll have to make money from the Shield itself.
Yeah I see this thing as vaporware. I like how it can stream Steam to your TV, but other than that it just seems like it doesn't have a good market. I mean does the Play store even have any good games that justify getting something like this?

Also the 4K bit made me lol a bit since that technology is still too pricey for the average consumer. Playing 4K Angry Birds yeeeeeah!
N-Gage 2.
I don't think they could have made an uglier design if they tried. It's like they were going for an XBOX original feeling but then decided to make it even bulkier.
It seems like an interesting concept at least, however it's price will probably be well above what it's worth to make me interested. Also I agree with Alain, wow is that ugly.
This is pretty awesome sounding, the controller is pretty ugly, but other than that looks like a nice idea.