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Some bad news and some good news

written by Alain almost 6 years ago with 0 lives

It seems that we encountered a bug which I should have fixed before launch. I am going to apologize beforehand and say that I screwed up. I'll be going into a bit of technical jargon now to explain what happened.

Long story short we lost about 4 hours' worth of data. That amounts to about 6 user registrations and a few dozen forum posts and comments. That's the bad news.

Once a day we take automatic backups of the site's database. I noticed that the file sizes of taking manual snapshots of the data was significantly lower than those of the automatic backups (about 1.4kb versus 100kb). So I investigated and eventually deduced that while upgrading the database a few weeks ago, I must have encountered a bug because our host thought that we were using one database, when we were actually using another. Unfortunately, I could no longer even access the old database, yet we were continuing to write data to it.

The automatic backups were getting data from the correct database, but the manual snapshots were getting the data from the new, empty database. While investigating, I accidentally fixed the bug and made the system point to the correct, empty database. That meant I could no longer even access the old one.

Fortunately, we had the automatic backup from about 4 hours ago that I was able to apply to this new database. What's the good news, you might say? Well the backend for databases is 100% up to code now and we shouldn't ever encounter data loss like this again. The other part of good news is that we're actually running on a much better database now, too.

Again, I am very sorry to everyone. This is the last thing that a brand new site needs, but I can give you my promise that it will not happen again. Your data is, as of now, infinitely safer than it has ever been on Witendofi or OneClick Wi-Fi.

You can discuss this in the following thread: http://witendofi.com/boards/1/conversations/50

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